Just How Bad Are Illinois’ Taxes?

Gov. J.B. Pritzker, after signing the largest budget in Illinois history, declared that the Land of Lincoln is back, but he failed to complete the rest of that sentence. Illinois is back to the failed policies of more tax increases and out-of-control spending. 

The Illinois Constitution requires “appropriations for a fiscal year shall not exceed funds estimated by the General Assembly to be available during that year.” We clearly do not have a balanced budget in Illinois.

It’s time that we reject the high-taxing, big-government agenda that Illinois families have become all too accustomed to. 

Tax Burden State-By-State

Property Taxes

Sky high property taxes make owning a home in Illinois very difficult. As it becomes more expensive to live in the Land of Lincoln, fewer Illinois families are choosing to stay.

In fact, 86 of Illinois’ 102 counties saw population losses in 2018. Illinois residents are being pushed from their homes by high property taxes. According to the Tax Foundation, only the state of New Jersey has higher property taxes. Illinois residents are fed up with the inaction on property tax relief.

Combined with sinking property values, it’s no wonder why families are fleeing Illinois for lower tax states. Illinois families need property tax relief NOW.

Fast Facts:
  • Illinois’ property tax rates are the 2nd highest in the nation
  • The average Illinois homeowner pays $4,157 annually in property taxes.
  • 84% of Illinois counties saw population losses in 2018.  
  • A statewide poll in early 2017 showed 67% of Illinois residents support a permanent property tax freeze.

Progressive Income Tax

The adoption of a progressive income tax would be the final nail in the coffin of our great state. We need to cut spending, NOT raise taxes.

In order to adopt a progressive income tax constitutional amendment, 60 percent of Illinois voters would need to approve it in November 2020. The proponents refuse to put their rate structure in the constitutional amendment, so they’re effectively saying that we’ll need to approve it and then find out what the real rates would be. It’s important to note that Illinois politicians would then be free to continually increase tax rates like California, New York and New Jersey. Do you really trust Illinois politicians to set progressive tax rates?

Governor Pritzker thinks his progressive tax increase is the solution to Illinois’ budget problems. In reality, all it would do is increase Illinois’ already high tax burden and drive even more families and businesses out of Illinois.

Fast Facts:
  • Proponents of the progressive tax often point to Missouri as an example.
  • The highest tax rate of 5.4 percent in Missouri kicks in after $8,424 of taxable income. 
  • Couples making $8,400 per year are definitely not rich.

Endless Tax Hikes

Taxpayers should not be punished for the reckless spending in Springfield.

With the 2nd highest property taxes, 3rd highest gas taxes and 7th highest sales tax, it’s no wonder Illinois is ranked the least tax friendly state in the country. And with little promises for real relief in sight, the time has never been more urgent to CUT our taxes, NOT raise them!

Despite the massive 32% income tax increase, Illinois public employee pension debt is the WORST in the nation! 

If we have any chance of recovering, our leaders must cut spending at the state and local levels and provide significant property tax relief.

Fast Facts:
  • Bipartisan “Leaders” doubled your gas tax and raise their pay
  • Last year, more than 45,000 net people left Illinois.
  • Lawmakers ended their spring 2019 session by imposing over $3 billion in tax hikes on Illinoisans.

Gas Tax

In the first two months since bipartisan “Leaders” doubled your gas tax, Illinois drivers paid over $200 million in additional gas taxes. 

As insiders from both parties negotiated a deal to double the state’s gas tax from 19 cents per gallon to 38 cents per gallon, they made no promises that their hikes would end. Additional revenue will also come from a $50 increase to the annual license plate fee. A typical two car household will now pay an extra $100 per year to register their vehicles in Illinois. Parking taxes are also going up.

Fast Facts:
  • The tax will continue to increase, year over year, automatically